US CLEARANCE Vagina Boxer Underwear 1G

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  • Caucasian - Color 1 / S
  • Natural - Color 2 / S
  • Natural - Color 2 / M
  • Caucasian - Color 1 / L
  • Natural - Color 2 / L
  • Caucasian - Color 1 / XL
  • Natural - Color 2 / XL

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Item 8G Breastplate 8G Hip-lift Shorts Upgraded Breast Beatrice Mask
Insert Airbag & Silicone Full of silicone Liquid Silicone Full of silicone
Feature High-End version with superior makeup, realistic bloodshot and upgraded airbag filling. Hip lift enhancer, body shaper. Bigger butt and thin waist to shape S-shaped sexy curve. Thin edge design, super obvious clavicle, bloodshot and skin texture. Realistic apperance, lips is available to be opened. Excellent stretchable, light make-up.

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US CLEARANCE Vagina Boxer Underwear 1G

Caucasian - Color 1 / S
Caucasian - Color 1 / S
$299.99 $76.66